Professor Harry Bhadeshia Receives Bessemer Gold Medal

The Iron & Steel Society
10 Jul 2006

Harry Bhadeshia, Professor of Physical Metallurgy, University of Cambridge has been awarded the 2006 Bessemer Gold Medal for outstanding services to the Steel Industry.

Professor Bhadeshia was presented with his award at the Sir Henry Bessemer Lecture which he presented on the subject of “Steels: Scales and Dimensions”.

Harry Bhadeshia is arguably the UK’s leading academic researcher in ferrous metallurgy, specialising in the solid-state transformations. He has made a name for himself in connection with the bainite reaction in particular and its subsequent microstructure and properties and the development of new novel alloys. He has written two definitive and groundbreaking books on this subject. However, his research is not restricted to steels, as he has also made invaluable contributions to the understanding and development of nickel based alloys for aerospace and power generation applications.