Foresight - iron & steel

The UK Foresight Programme brings together the voices of business, government, the science base and others to look at what might happen in the future and what we need to do now to secure long-term competitive advantage and quality of life.

The Institute's technical divisions have assessed the foresight drivers within their sectors. The foresight assessment for the Iron and Steel Society is given below:


Business Drivers


Technology & Innovation need


*Reduction of process emissions

*Sensors and modelling
*Improved abatement techniques


*Design for use, reuse,dismantling and recycling

*Waste recycling technologies *Reduction of residuals in scrap or in steel made from scrap


*New product and market opportunities

*Near net shape casting

*Building materials,design and construction

*Product lightweighting e.g. vehicles


*Promotion of steel's advantages



*Extend scope of EAF



*Energy Efficiciency



*Climate Change

*Hydrogen steelmaking
*Carbon Dioxide sequestration


*City of Tomorrow





Availability of Skills

*Securing and retaining people with the required skills and personal qualities

*Career development, continuous training, competitive remuneration, improved industry image
*Lack of technical expertise in smaller steel companies


*Coping with loss of experienced people

*Expert systems/neural networks




Competitiveness of UK Manufacturing

*Optimisation of the supply chain
*Added value products

*Flexible manufacturing

*Multi material products (integrated materials solutions)


*Cost reduction

*Technological development of bulk and mini steelmaking
*Sensors and modelling

*Near net shape casting


*Increased return on assets

*Technological development of bulk and mini steelmaking





*Global Markets

*Former National Steel companies merging and becoming multi-national


*Global Customers

*Customers already international


*Global Steelmakers

*Former National Steel companies merging and becoming multi-national


*Extended Supply Chains

*Diverse markets

*Need to understand design and Fabrication