• Material Marvels: Hamburg’s reflection

    At the western point of Hamburg’s HafenCity, Germany, stands Europe’s largest inner-city development, Elbphilharmonie, which is set to become a centre for culture and social life, as Ellis Davies reports.
  • Q&A: Tidal engineering

    Mike Unsworth is the director of engineering and construction at Tidal Lagoon Power. Here, the mechanical engineer tells Ines Nastali what materials will be used to build the planned tidal power lagoons in Wales and explains how to maintain them.
  • Steel for packaging in the circular economy

    As the recycling rate continues to rise, Alexis Van Maercke considers the role steel for packaging can play in the transition towards a more circular economy in Europe.
  • More than a sign: London Underground’s iconic tiles

    Kathryn Allen takes a look at the iconic ceramic tiles and signage used on the London Underground.
  • Chinese mining: a mixed picture?

    When examining China’s economic growth, it is clear to see that mining has punched above its weight. Michael Schwartz reviews recent developments in the sector.
  • Q&A – Hamish Herford

    Hamish Herford, Director at Hamish & Lyons Architects, UK, talks to Ellis Davies about his project, the Stepping Stone House, Hurley, which has been shortlisted for the Architecture Awards of the royal Institute of British Architects.
  • Characterising microstructures

    Understanding microstructures is the route to predictability, as Neil Hollyhoke, Dr Carl Slater and professors Claire Davis and Sridhar Seetharaman explain.
  • The right technology in the right place

    New technology is set to enhance plant and equipment, reduce environmental footprint and improve product capability, as John Wilkinson and Gari Harris argue.
  • The next nuclear model

    Andrew Wisbey looks at the latest R&D into the next generation of nuclear reactors.
  • Driven by testing

    Ian McEnteggart examines all stages of testing for the automotive industry