• Corrosion, are we bothered? – corrosion control technology

    The economic cost to corporate assets, machinery, equipment and buildings from corrosion is high. Corrosion control at its most basic uses thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers in applied organic coatings to extend the lifetime of a material. Corrosion control requires and ‘asset management approach'.
  • Stainless steel sandwich - Fibrecore, a metallic sandwich sheet material

    A lightweight, metallic, diffusion bonded, sandwich sheet material can be prepared by evenly depositing a layer of melt-spun 304 stainless steel onto a sheet of this stainless steel, placing a second sheet on top of the metallic fibre layer and diffusion bonding the assembly under vacuum. The material is being evaluated for crash resistance in automotive and defence applications.
  • The crucible - Modern crucible design

    There are many factors involved in the design and production of modern versions of crucibles, used for the holding and melting of metals in the casting industry. Today's vessels are made from highly complex composite materials using specific metallurgical treatments and different alloy/temperature combinations.
  • Building bridges - Duplex steel alloys used in bridge construction

    The perception in civil engineering that the use of stainless steels for bridge construction is expensive is changing. In times of high alloy prices duplex steels have become more economically attractive. These newer lean alloys can provide corrosion protection over a wide range of environmental conditions typical of bridge structures.
  • Thirty percent off: Steel cans use less material than they did in the 1980s

    The real appeal of steel - recycling benefits for food and drinks packaging

    In addition to strength and versatility, steel offers environmental benefits as it can be repeatedly recycled. Scrap steel is an essential part of steel production and it is extremely energy efficient. Technology advances mean that a 33cl drinks can now requires 30% less steel and 40% less energy to manufacture.
  • The dragon delivers — public sector support for SMEs in Wales

    Support provided by the Welsh Development Agency, Wales Trade International and the Manufacturing Advisory Centre is described. Case studies are presented covering CINTEC International (embedded stainless steel reinforcement for buildings), Tubex (polypropylene tree shelters) and Spiral Scratch (3D imaging scanners).
  • Takeovers and Britain’s poor industrial performance

    In the December 2005 issue of Materials World , I wrote about Britain’s failure to invest in industrial R&D. The most recent international R&D scoreboard, published annually by the Department...