Investigating Failure in Rubber Components

The course content covers:

Introduction to Rubber Materials - provides a basic introduction to what rubbers/elastomers are, their fundamental properties and how this affects their performance. Understanding why they need to be formulated and vulcanised to achieve durable performance.

Rubber types - presents an overview of the range of rubber types, defines their structure and properties and how these can impact on their selection and durability in service.

Material selection - defines the process and criteria for selection of an appropriate rubber type to ensure it is suitable for a given working environment.

Causes of rubber component failure - sets out the various different modes of rubber product failure and how to recognise them. This will include factors related to design, manufacture, service, environment and also human factors.

Rubber component failure investigation - describes the approach to take when investigating the failure of a rubber component. Identifies the principle analytical tests involved in confirming the root cause.

Examples of rubber component failures - a number of typical examples of rubber component failure will be presented, with the cause and method of diagnosis explained.


22 May 2019


Shropshire, United Kingdom

Course type:

Training - CPD course

Organiser Type

IOM3 Supported


Smithers Rapra and Smithers Pira
Shrewsbury Road
United Kingdom

Organised by

Kerry Haralambou

01939 252312


Approved for Professional Development by IOM3

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