IOM3 Channel

2019 Gala & Premier Awards Dinner

IOM3 Celebrates 150 years

Presidential Address

Journey of the drop 2019: Leadership and responsibility

Special & Publication Awards Dinner

A brief history of... Mike Hicks

Understanding IOM3 Divisions

MaDE re-launched

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Young Persons' World Lecture Competition (YPWLC) Channel

2018 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

2017 - Perth, Australia

2016 - Araxa, Brazil

2015 - Drogheda, Ireland

2014 - Riverside California, US

2013 - Hong Kong

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Young Persons' Lecture Competition (YPLC) Channel




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Younger Members' Committee (YMC) Channel

YMC Meets...

50TH Anniversary Dinner

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IOM3 Technical Presentations Channel

IOM3 Awards winners

Steel Strategy Seminar 4: Technology strategy for the future UK steel industry

The Wood Technology Society


Energy in Materials lecture

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