Specifications for Packaging course

This one-day course provides an insight into the right way to establish, enforce and develop packaging specifications to supply or receive the packaging you need, on time and on budget.

For more information please contact Sue harris: sue.harris@iom3.org / 01476 513883

Especially in today’s environmentally conscious and litigious society, where businesses stand or fall by their ability to innovate and hit launch dates, it is vital that packaging suppliers, packer/fillers and retailers agree proper, detailed specifications. The Packaging Specification document can be legal and binding, potentially protecting in the event of product failure.

Packaging Specifications brochure (pdf 158kb)

This one-day course provides the Packaging Specifier with a tool box that will help you:

  • Get what you want, not just what your supplier wants to produce
  • Understand the process that results in a specification that suppliers will use to make a viable commercial proposal
  • Develop that to a detailed specification
  • Balance the various requirements of your company’s departments
  • Control your suppliers, control and monitor quality, and review and manage issues that arise

The course is taught in a small group with detailed examples of a variety of packaging types and materials, allowing students to explore their own situations and go away with clear ideas about improvements that they can make to their own processes. 

These activities are approved for Professional Development by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

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