Martin Cox CEng FIMMM, IOM3 President 2017-2018

Martin Cox began his engineering career in 1979, as a National Coal Board Student Apprentice in the South Nottinghamshire Area working at Calverton and Gedling Collieries. After completing the Mining ET scheme, graduating in Mining Engineering from Nottingham Trent University (Trent Polytechnic) in 1983, he joined the offshore industry as a commercial diver, working on subsea projects in the North Sea and Middle East. Two years later he took an opportunity to further his education, completing postgraduate study in Offshore Engineering at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

In 1986 Martin joined BPB Industries working in the evaluation of a variety of exploitation projects, for coal, lignite, tar sand and minerals in the UK, Canada, Europe and Africa. He transferred in 1988 to the new oil & gas division evaluating exploration wells, and the phases of intervention activity that support drilling, development, production, workover and abandonment in Southern, Central, Northern North Sea, and Dorset, on land, platform and mobile drilling rigs. His final UK field assignment was on the development of the Dorset oilfields, at Wytch Farm.

In 1991 Martin was posted overseas as the Location Manager in Islamabad, setting up operations in Pakistan. This was followed by a further operational period in New Zealand and Australia. He then returned in 1994 to a secondment with Shell Dutch company (NAM) in the Netherlands in a newly forming project team, which involved drilling and completing oil and gas wells, developing extended reach drilling techniques and capabilities. This was followed by membership of the NAM Ultra Extended Reach Drilling team, identifying technology gaps and technologies needed to further the scope of extended reach drilling. A UK-based period of technology development within the newly formed Reeves (MBO Company from BPB industries) started in 1998, working with R&D and engineering groups, followed by a return to operations in 2000 when the next four years were spent applying the new technologies to the North Sea region. He left Reeves in 2004 after a buy out by a global service company, joining the Expro Group and continuing to work on production support, abandonment and new technology activities.

Martin is now with an Aberdeen based consultancy, continuing in the management of expertise, capabilities and technology to oil & gas wells, with a view to future energy requirements and environmental challenges related to accessing the clean energy potentially available from coal, alternative resources and CO2 sequestration in old reservoirs and the coal measures.

Martin joined the Institute of Mining Engineers in 1979, was elected a Member in the mid 80’s and a Chartered Engineer in 2004, joining the Council of the Mining Institute of Scotland in 2004 (MIS), he was the MIS President for 2008/09 and is a Director of the MIS.

IOM3 Council Member & Trustee (since 2009), Board Member IOM3 Oil & Gas Division (2007). Member of Society of Petroleum Engineers and Institute of Energy, and Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Engineers.