Prestigious European awards for materials research

IOM3 Content Cafe
3 Sep 2020

Major European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants have been awarded to fund cutting-edge projects. The highly-coveted awards, funded through the European Union, are each worth more than 1 million euros and will allow researchers to build their own teams, carry proceed with research, and expand knowledge. 

Grants in the materials field include:

Dr Natalia Ares from the Department of Materials at Oxford University,Quantum Thermodynamics in the Solid-state. Ares aims to link motion with heat and work in the nanoscale. The research will have applications in both classical and quantum computing.

Rob Weatherup, an Associate Professor in the Department of Materials, also at Oxford, has been awarded a Starting Grant for his project Extending Interface Science to Atmospheric-pressure Reactions (EXISTAR). This aims to develop new characterisation techniques to observe the interfaces between materials and their environment during operation.

Monica Passananti from the University of Turin, Italy, will assess the environmental consequences related to nanoplastics in her project Impact of Nanoplastics Pollution on aquatic and atmospheric Environments (NaPuE).

Urszula Stachewicz, from AGH University of Science and Technology in Poland, is taking inspiration from nature with the project Bioinspired Composites Strategies for Saving Energy (BioCom4SavEn).

Catalysts feature in a Catholic University of Lueven project from Michiel Dusselier entitled Zeolite synthesis in Unusual Reactors for Enhanced Catalysts.

Bridging Scales in Random Materials is a winning project from Julien Fischer at the Institute of Science and Technology, Austria.

A list of awarded engineering and materials related projects can be found here.