International challenge: develop a new reusable and efficient face mask

IOM3 Content Cafe
20 May 2020
Industrial mask in use

Ennomotive, an international engineering innovation organisation, has launched an online competition for new reusable mask models that help protect against Covid-19 while letting people breathe in effort-intensive jobs.

Many currently available masks are uncomfortable to wear, too warm, and make breathing difficult. Most do not offer complete virus protection. Another issue is disinfection, most use nonwoven fabric that cannot be disinfected at 60ºC for 30 minutes without negatively affecting the mask fitting.

The challenge aims to find new more efficient and reusable face masks that comply with the specifications of the N95, FFP2, or FFP3 models. They need to be efficient against the COVID-19 and helpful for effort-intensive jobs.

This online challenge is open worldwide to any professional, student or academic. Ennomotive offers 16,000 EUR for best prototypes and a cash prize for the winner. Moreover, if the solution is patentable, the winner will keep 30% of the patent rights. Interested participants should sign up here and submit their solution before 9 June.