Electric off-road, optionally manned, autonomous vehicle

IOM3 Content Cafe
19 Jun 2020
H-ATMP. Credit: Supacat and SC Innovation as part of SC Group

A hybrid electrical powered version of the All-Terrain Mobility Platform (the ATMP), one of the world’s most battle-proven off road military vehicles, has been developed by the University of Exeter, UK, and Supacat, Devon, UK.

The vehicle’s  electric drive technology could potentially be translated to a range of off-road uses, including emergency services, rail, marine, forestry and aerospace. Called the H-ATMP, the new vehicle replaces its traditional diesel engine with six electric motors, one attached to each wheel, and can be configured for full electric or hybrid versions.

For applications in various areas the hybrid electric drive-train can be tailored and customised, allowing flexibility in range, payload and operating environment. While several commercial vehicle manufacturers have introduced electric drive trains into their SUVs and 4x4s, electric and hybrid drive technology is novel to the military sector.

The vehicle can also act as a power hub for field hospitals or communication systems, and because the electric vehicles emit little noise or heat, the vehicle is stealthy on the battlefield.

Further work continues to make the vehicle optionally manned - able to drive itself over complex terrains while the driver undertakes other activities. The H-ATMP is due to be evaluated by a range of specialist users later this year.