Rapid Covid-19 Test uses nanoparticle technique

IOM3 Content Cafe
3 Jun 2020
A nasal swab sample is mixed with liquid containing gold nanoparticles attached to a molecule which binds to the virus. If positive, the nanoparticles turn the solution blue and a precipitate forms. If negative, it remains purple.

Scientists from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM), USA, have developed an experimental diagnostic test for Covid-19 that can visually detect the presence of the virus in 10 minutes.

It uses an assay containing plasmonic gold nanoparticles to detect a colour change when the virus is present.

The test does not require the use of any advanced laboratory techniques for analysis.

The authors published their work in the American Chemical Society’s nanotechnology journal ACS Nano.

The team believe the test may detect RNA from the virus as early as the first day of infection.