EU project eyes Europe’s mining industry

IOM3 Content Cafe
20 Aug 2020

The European Commission has granted EUR 8.4 million to a three-year H2020 project developing an artificial intelligence platform for the monitoring and analysis of mine sites across Europe. The project - Goldeneye, will develop solutions to improve safety, environmental impact and profitability of mines through a platform that combines earth observation technologies with on-site sensing.

European production and infrastructure depend on a supply of high-quality raw materials. Responsible production in European mines guarantees sustainable supply. To support the development of the European mining industry through technological solutions, the Goldeneye platform integrates information from satellite produced Earth Observation Data (EOD), drone overflight sensors and on-site recorded data.

The project plans to improve the analysis of the mine site mineralogy using drone integrated geophysical sensors as well as innovative proximity sensors including active hyperspectral sensing and time resolved Raman spectroscopy. The Goldeneye platform address the different phases of the mine’s life cycle from exploration to closure and post-closure.

Goldeneye is coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland and the consortium consists of 16 European companies and research partners.

Eyeing up sites

During the project, the Goldeneye platform will be piloted on five mine sites across Europe. Two pilot sites, Pyhäsalmi mine in Finland and Trepča Mines Complex in Kosovo will focus on the study of the environmental impact and stability of the mines.

Two field trial sites, Erzgebirge district in Germany and Panagyurishte district in Bulgaria, will focus on mineralogical mapping. The geophysical and proximity sensors will be used to calibrate satellite information and teach AI algorithms. The aim is to develop mineral exploration with higher resolution imaging and improved mapping of mineral deposits.

The fifth site in the Roşia Poieni district in Romania aims to improve mineral predictions with combined satellite imagery and drone-produced data.

Furthermore, the project will develop a mineralogical sensor solution for the ore drilling integrating Sandvik drilling machines with time-gated Raman sensors. This will improve mineral extraction efficiency and support the profitability of the mines.