End Point Assessment

End Point Assessment

End Point Assessment (EPA) is the name given to a series of tests an apprentice must take to prove their ability to do the job they have been training for. These tests take place at the end of an apprenticeship following a period of training and development often referred to as the ‘on-programme’ period. In some Standard based apprenticeships the on-programme stage may include mandatory requirements, such as supporting qualifications. These must be achieved prior to applying for the EPA.

At this point the employer, after discussion with their apprentice and training provider, ‘signs off’ their apprentice as ready for EPA. This decision process is known as the ‘gateway’ to End Point Assessment.

EPA’s can only be taken a minimum of 12 months after the start of an apprentices training and must be successfully completed before an apprenticeship completion certificate can be issued.

Our EPA Services

IOM Communications Ltd is on the Education and Skills Agency Register of Apprentice Assessment Organisations. Find us under code EPA0100.

We are curently approved to deliver end point assessment (EPA) for the following apprenticeship standard:

To find out how IOM Communications EPA team can help with your EPA needs just contact us by phone on 01476 513884 or email us.

What does an EPA involve?

There’s no common format for an EPA; they vary between apprenticeships. All EPA’s are developed from ‘assessment plans’, drawn up by the trailblazer group responsible for the apprenticeship standard. Assessment plans set out the main requirements for the final testing and what methods should be used. As the experts for their respective workforces, employers can determine the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for job roles, and they will be guided on how best to test for occupational competence in their particular industry.

Importantly, EPA’s are not designed to test every single aspect of a Standard. Instead they are designed to enable an apprentice to demonstrate that overall they have developed the key knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to be able to do their job effectively.

An End Point Assessment might involve all or some of the following testing methods:

  • multiple choice tests
  • evidence portfolio (such as a logbook)
  • observed practical skills tests
  • professional discussion with independent assessor
  • workplace projects

Who can deliver EPA?

Only approved End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAO) registered with the Education and Skills Funding Agency can deliver End Point Assessments. Without exception all should:

  1. Be impartial – assessment organisations and their assessors must be independent of, and separate to the training provider and employer. This is to avoid bias, by ensuring that neither have anything to gain from the outcome of the EPA
  2. Feature on the Register of End Point Assessment Organisations. This is the list maintained by the Education and Skills Funding Agency and is the ONLY register an EPAO needs to be on to provide End Point Assessment services
  3. Underpin their EPA services with independent quality assurance. This gives employers confidence in their ability to deliver End Point Assessment professionally and also protects the interests of the learner
  4. Have relevant occupational experience of the apprenticeship standard

Where does EPA take place?

EPA’s are taken under exam conditions, so need a suitably controlled environment to allow the apprentice to concentrate and do their best. This can either be at their employer’s premises or an agreed external location.

What about grading and certificates?

Unlike the SASE frameworks, the new apprenticeships are graded. Individual grades are decided by the results of End Point Assessment tests. Most are graded at Pass, Fail, Excellence or Distinction. This not only motivates apprentices to reach for the top grades but also allows employers to spot their star performers.

A grading exemption for some apprenticeship standards can take place when there is a link to professional registration. In such cases a pass or fail will be awarded.  A pass will be that an apprentice has met the requirements for professional body recognition (e.g. EngTech).

Can an apprentice re-sit their EPA?

If an apprentice fails all or part of their End Point Assessment they are able to resubmit for testing. Re-sits should usually only be arranged after extra training and are chargeable. Exact fees vary from one apprenticeship to another due to the differing type of tests involved.

How much does End Point Assessment cost?

The cost of an EPA is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • type of assessments required
  • time an independent examiner is needed for
  • location of the EPA, whether on employers premises or an external location
  • number of apprentices being tested on the same day

Government funding is available to support the costs of End Point Assessment. This forms part of the overall apprenticeship funding. Twenty percent of the total cost of an apprenticeship is retained by government until the final assessment stage. This represents the maximum cost for an EPA, though often they are lower than 20%.

Please contact the EPA team at email us to find out the prices for end-point assessment for the apprenticeship standard you are working on.

The IOM Communications Ltd Promise:

We promise that our End Point Assessment services will be:

  • Clear – after booking an EPA with us we will outline the process in a straightforward way, so everyone knows what is expected and there are no nasty surprises
  • Supportive – above all we want your apprentices to achieve what they are capable of.
  • Fair – tests will be aligned only to the key knowledge, skills and behaviours agreed in the Standard and the assessment plan. Our experienced independent assessors will use their judgement as to whether an apprentice meets the overall requirements
  • Collaborative – end point assessment is the last stop on our journey with you. Our independent assessors are committed to working with you to get your apprentices to the finish line, by ensuring that your training style and content meets all the needs of the EPA
  • Tailored to your business – one size doesn’t fit all! Your apprentices EPA, whilst satisfying the requirements of the assessment plan, will be aligned to the business they are in. This way not only do they have the best chance of succeeding, but employers can be confident that they will be competent in the workplace

How do I book an EPA with IOM Communications Ltd?

To enquiry into booking an EPA  – please download and complete the EPA Enquiry Form and email us it back.

For further information on how to apply, then please call our EPA team on 01476 513884 or email us.

Still want to know more?

Any new system is bound to be confusing at first, so if you have unanswered questions, or simply want to talk through the EPA process, please call us – we’re here to help.

Call our EPA team on: 01476 513884

Or email your query to: email us

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