Risk in Mining Masterclass

International Mining & Minerals Association
9 May 2009

Risk in Mining was the subject of the fourth in the series of masterclasses, organized by MinSouth in conjunction with the Association of Mining Analysts.  The masterclass was hosted by the city law firm, Simmons & Simmons at its Moorgate headquarters.  It was held on 30 April, 2009 and comprised five presentations:


1.            Price Risk - Mary Lou Southwood, CRU

2.            Political and Social Risk - Bernard de Haldevang, Aspen Re

3.            Technical Risk - Miguel Diaz, AMEC Earth and Environmental UK

4.            Legal Risk - Iain Duncan and Michael Poling, Simmons & Simmons

5.            Project Risk - Mark Parker, African Eagle Resources plc


The meeting was well attended with over 100 registrants.  The presentations will shortly be available for downloading from the MinSouth website http://www.minsouth.org.uk


Documents for download: 
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