IMMa launched at IOM3

International Mining & Minerals Association
4 Jul 2008
John McGagh, Prestige Lecturer (L) with Professor John Monhemius

It was standing room only at the launch of the International Mining and Minerals Association – IMMa – at the IOM3 London headquarters on 17 June. An audience of over 100 heard Professor John Monhemius (right of picture), the chairman of IMMa, explain that the four resources divisions of the Institute had worked together to create IMMa to increase their visibility to the outside world. He showed how the resources divisions had originally been created from the membership of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy (IMM), when it merged with the IoM in 2002 to form the IOM3. This arrangement had led to a perceived loss of identity and a consequent drop in membership of the minerals divisions and so, in 2007, IMMa was created to form a platform for future growth (see diagram). Professor Monhemius emphasised that IMMa is the successor to the former IMM and it now provides the focus for mining and minerals members within the federal structure of IOM3.



















Professor Monhemius’s presentation was followed by the main event of the evening, which was the annual Prestige Lecture. This year it was given by John McGagh (pictured left on photo), Head of Innovation in Rio Tinto PLC. John, who only that morning had flown in from Australia, gave a fascinating talk entitled, 'Mine of the Future', in which he described ground-breaking advances in remote mining made by Rio Tinto at its iron ore mines in the Pilbara of western Australia. At the end of his lecture, John, who has recently joined IOM3, was delighted to be presented with his certificate of Fellowship of the Institute.

Earlier the same afternoon, another related launch took place at IOM3 London HQ. The Pan-European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee (PERC) presented its latest reporting code, PERC 2008, for use on stock exchanges in London and Europe. PERC is a joint committee with representatives from IMMa, the Geological Society, the Institute of Geologists of Ireland and the European Federation of Geologists. The new code, which has been released in draft form for consultation, is an update of the 2001 IMM Reporting Code.


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