IMMa formation announced

International Mining & Minerals Association
15 Mar 2007

At the meeting of the Council of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining held on 8th November 2006, it was agreed that an umbrella organisation be formed to cover common matters of the former IMM divisions.

The formation of an umbrella organisation is considered necessary:

  • To enhance the visibility of the mineral industry divisions externally within the world wide mining industries.
  • To undertake coordinated initiatives for retaining and growing membership within these technical areas.
  • To provide better support and initiatives to overseas branches and the opportunities to establish new branches.
  • To provide a coordinated approach to liaisons with other overseas professional mining and minerals bodies.
  • To reduce the administrative support requirements of the three divisions.

The Minerals Industry Divisions will remain as separate entities to deal with specialised technical matters and coordinate with editorial boards. The umbrella organisation will comprise the chairmen of each of the Mineral Industry Divisions, plus two board members from each division. Other representatives will be invited to join and committees formed from time to time to deal with specific cross-divisional issues. The Chairman of one of the Mineral Industry Divisions will chair the umbrella organisation, and this will rotate on an annual basis.

The IMMa has now had its first two meetings and has elected Prof John Monhemius as its first chairman.