• First IOM3 Advisory Council meeting takes place

    Following the success of the IOM3 Advisory Council elections and having confirmed 15 vacancies representing IOM3 Grades and Regions, the first meeting took place on 5 November to celebrate and officially welcome the new governance structure.
  • Dr Walter Stahel to open Balancing Resource Efficiency with Climate Change Conference

    Sustainable Development Group
    Dr Walter Stahel (Co-founder, The Product-Life Institute) will give the Keynote entitled A Circular Industrial Economy - A Giant Opportunity and Challenge to the Mining and Materials Industries at the upcoming conference on November 26 2019 at IOM3 London
  • Digging deep: Black miners museum project

    Materials World magazine
    Migrants miners working in Britain’s coal industry are being celebrated by the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield, UK. Through a series of panels, artworks, artefacts, personal possessions and audio interviews, the exhibition shares the stories of African Caribbean people living and working in the UK. Here, Historian and Curator, Norma Gregory , introduces the exhibition.
  • Scania's new self-driving cabless truck

    Materials World magazine
    A new self-driving, cabless truck that runs on biofuel is to enter heavy industries. Idha Valeur reports.
  • Think you know engineering? Think again

    This is Engineering Day will take place on 6 November 2019. It is a campaign to bring engineering to life for young people, and give more people the opportunity to pursue a career that is rewarding, future shaping, varied, well paid and in-demand.
  • Government seeking consultation on Rare Earth Metals and Products

    Rare earth elements are materials of increasing importance in the production of high performance magnets, materials, semi-conductors and catalysts. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) are currently seeking IOM3 advice regarding the disruptions to the global supplt of rare earth materials and products.
  • Fire safety

    IOM3 Digital Library
    In advance of Fire Safety - The Role of Materials in the Built Environment the IOM3 Digital Library team have identified content relating to this topic.
  • UMC recycle rare earth magnets, make new ones

    Materials World magazine
    A Texas-based company recycles neodymium-based magnets to make new ones.
  • Nominations for 2020 awards open

    Nominations are invited for the 2020 IOM3 awards from 5 September 2020 with the closing date on the 31 January 2019.
  • Digital transformation at IOM3

    The Institute is embarking on a process of digital transformation to introduce a new membership database, updated web portal and refreshed website over the next two years. We need your help to ensure your data is up to date!