• A mining history

    Ellis Davies takes a look at some of the tourist mines around the UK.
  • Mining’s part in Ethiopia’s boom

    Michael Schwartz looks at the rise of Ethiopia’s mining sector and profiles some of the companies that help create the country’s exceptional growth.
  • Mining in space

    Luxembourg has passed legislation to enable private companies to mine in space. Is it a fantasy worthy of science fiction or the future of the mining industry? Rhiannon Garth Jones investigates.
  • Exploring in Cornwall

    Gary Peters sits down with John Peters and Peter Wale from Strategic Minerals to find out more about the company’s Redmoor project, in Cornwall, UK.
  • The politics of mining

    Michael Schwartz examines the ins and outs of the mining sector in Tanzania, and political efforts to make it a fundamental part of the country’s financial backbone.
  • Armenia’s mining evolution

    Michael Schwartz investigates how Armenia is attracting investment in its mining sector through a supportive government and diverse mineral wealth.
  • Q&A: Snow, soil and trees – the keys to identifying mineral deposits?

    Bruce Madu, of Geoscience BC, talks to Gary Peters about developing techniques that use snow, soil and trees to identify buried mineral deposits.
  • No stopping lithium

    Lithium is the element of the moment, and analysts expect demand to grow more than 20% annually through to 2030. Pertti Lamberg and Chris Broadbent take a closer look at ambitious plans by Finnish mining company Keliber to produce 9,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate per annum.
  • Mining – equipped for growth

    The global mining equipment market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.3% over the next decade, reaching US$198.3bln by 2025. But what factors are influencing this upward trend? Ledetta Asfa-Wossen reports.
  • Mining for a sustainable future

    Anglo American’s Tracey Kerr argues that the mining industry has to be bold and brave in its climate change targets.