• A geologist at work

    Scotland’s mineral comeback

    Scotland – written off in some quarters but proving that its mineral wealth can induce a come-back. Michael Schwartz explores the region.
  • Andre Boje

    Q&A - Andre Boje, CEO of Minergy Limited

    Andre Boje, CEO of coal mining and trading company Minergy Limited, talks to Ellis Davies on the company’s Masama coal mine project in Botswana, its investment in mining and the future of coal in the energy mix.
  • Material Marvels: Matewan, West Virginia

    The unassuming town of Matewan was the site of the Matewan Massacre and catalyst of the second West Virginia mine war. Khai Trung Le takes a look at the history of the town, and the impact on miners today.
  • Material Marvels: Nidarosdomen

    Nidarosdomen is the world’s northernmost gothic cathedral, centralised in Trondheim, northern Norway. Idha Valeur takes a look at the historical cathedral, Norway’s national shrine.
  • Mining in Alaska

    Michael Schwartz reports on a mining area that suffers from a negative image.
  • Exploring the money

    Michael Forrest* explores the financing and exploration side of the mining sector, and takes a look at the FINEX conference ahead of its 2018 event.
  • Lesotho: small country emerges as diamond giant

    Michael Schwartz looks at mining companies’ role in Lesotho’s economy and their views on the country as a mining-friendly administration.
  • Striking gold

    Tim Outteridge, Secretary-General, International Molybdenum Association looks into the recycling of gold from e-waste.
  • Q&A – Tim McCutcheon

    Tim McCutcheon, President at Wealth Minerals, which has interests in Canada, Mexico, Peru, and Chile, tells Gary Peters about the company’s foray into lithium mining.
  • Q&A – Adam Waugh

    Since Adam Waugh joined BlueRock Diamonds as CEO, the company has undergone a mini revolution, following a number of issues, including poor machinery. He tells Gary Peters what has changed and why the future now looks a lot brighter.