About IMMa and IOM3

International Mining & Minerals Association
20 Jan 2012

Martin Cox, Chairman of IMMa, published an article in the Global Business Magazine promoting the work undertaken by IMMa in support of the resource divisions and the broader IOM3.  The article outlines the influence that the Professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs) have had on the development of the competence of engineers to improve safety and efficiency and the continuing role that they will have in the training and education of future generations of engineers.

As one of the UK’s major engineering institutions, IOM3 offers professional recognition for engineers across the full range of the materials cycle.  With the growth in world demand for energy and raw materials to support both the developed and the developing economies, the demand is set to increase for the supply of professional engineers who are supported, well informed and have the opportunity to link in to the range of support services available from the IOM3.

One of the Institute’s key roles as an organisation supporting members in the international resource industries is effective promotion and co-ordination of knowledge transfer.  This is achieved through national and international conferences, local events and seminars, member magazines, the Institute website and its Mining and Minerals Library. This knowledge exchange activity is co-ordinated through IMMa (The International Mining and Minerals Association) which links the four individual resource technology communities within the broader IOM3 membership.