• Living Brick

    Living Brick

    Clay Technology magazine
    The Living Brick is a new construction material for facing urban/suburban structures. It exploits one of the most common commodities in the urban landscape – the surfaces of buildings – as spaces for ‘vertical gardens’. Extruded bricks can be used to create a garden wall or even to cover the facades of buildings.
  • PET brick

    PET brick

    Clay Technology magazine
    Making use of discarded PET bottles, a professor and four engineering students from the Lutheran University of Brazil (Ulbra) have created a ‘PET brick’ made out of quartz sand, cement and bottles.
  • MADE magazine

    MADE design magazine launched

    A new magazine, MADE, has been launched for the UK’s design and materials communities.
  • Materials for a Modern World report published

    Materials UK has published a report entitled 'What's the Future Made Of? Materials for a Modern World'.
  • Prizes available for published work

    Acta, a non-profit organisation of which IOM3 is a cooperating society, has established the Student Award.
  • £50 million of funding for research and development projects

    A DTI competition for funding will distribute £50 million to collaborative research and development projects.
  • Postgraduate Literature Review competition

    Postgraduate students wishing to enter the Institute's Literature Review Prize should submit extended abstracts by 15 November 2006.
  • Competition for young engineers

    A poster competition for young engineers is being held at the House of Commons on 12 December 2006.
  • Bricks and aggregate made from fly ash

    Clay Technology magazine
    Researchers at the University of New South Wales' Australian Defence Force Academy have developed bricks and building aggregate that can be manufactured entirely from waste fly ash from coal-burning power plants. Potential markets include increasingly industrialised countries such as China and India.
  • BTEC award in lean construction

    Clay Technology magazine
    The Construction Lean Improvement Programme (CLIP) has launched a BTEC level 3 advanced award in lean construction. Trainees are expected to participate in a Masterclass for at least 15 days. The sessions include lean processes, lean relationships, leadership and communications, and teamwork and team leader training.