• Increasing glass content in bricks

    Clay Technology magazine
    A brick containing 97% recycled glass has improved energy efficiency compared to clay bricks, claims UK firm Geofusion, based in Worcester. The geobrick is produced from a combination of container glass and cathode ray tube panel glass.
  • Tough times for the brick industry

    Clay Technology magazine
    The housing crunch and international banking crisis have had a devastating effect on the UK brick industry, which has seen plants close, production reduced, and companies go into administration. Meagan Ellis reports
  • Schematic of ultrasonic atomisation spraying system

    Better barrier properties for biodegradable films

    Packaging Professional magazine
    Ultrasonic application of clay nanoparticles to biodegradable films could enhance their barrier properties, according to US spray technology company Sono-Tek. The technique prolongs the shelf life of food and pharmaceuticals and offers the packaging industry more accurate and economical treatment.
  • Inspecting textured tiles

    Clay Technology magazine
    Researchers at the University of the West of England, in Bristol, UK, have developed an online dynamic photometric stereo system for 3D inspection of fast moving, difficult to analyse surfaces, such as glazed or textured ceramic tiles.
  • Producing low-carbon pressed bricks

    Clay Technology magazine
    A process for creating pressed bricks containing little or no embedded carbon has been developed by Gengsheng Minerals in Gongyi, China. These bricks can withstand temperatures up to 1,600ºC, and can be used in furnaces and ladles in iron and steel mills.
  • A novel ceramic tile cladding system

    Clay Technology magazine
    Ibstock Brick Ltd has developed a way to install and replace ceramic tiles at any point in a building's façade by clipping them onto steel connectors.
  • Wienerberger UK achieves environmental accreditation

    Clay Technology magazine
    By recycling and incorporating waste materials into its bricks, Wienerberger's 14 UK manufacturing plants have achieved an international accreditation for environmental performance. The standard covers the full manufacturing process from quarrying of clay to packaging and transport of the final products.
  • Unipor's Coriso bricks are filled with thermal insulating rock wool

    Rock wool for insulated bricks

    Clay Technology magazine
    German manufacturers have developed a brick filled with rock that has better thermal insulation properties than bricks filled with polystyrene or perlite.
  • Materials Congress logo

    Draft programmes available for Materials Congress

    Draft programmes for Materials Congress are now available online.
  • products on shelves

    Building products suppliers aim to reduce construction waste

    Materials World magazine
    Minimising waste packaging on building sites is a top priority for the new Green Procurement Group. The consortium of 13 building materials suppliers and distributors aims to minimise the environmental impact of the supply chain. The companies want to reduce the level of packaging used for materials such as bricks, paint, aggregates and blocks by 20% in the next five years.