ICTa Board Papers 2017

International Clay Technology Association
4 Dec 2017

Present              Mrs A Bennett                International Chair

                           Mrs P Wardle                 International Deputy Chair

                           M Chapman                   Honorary General Secretary

               Plus 15 members



Notice of Meeting


The International Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming all those present... The notice convening the meeting was taken as read


Apologies for Absence


The Secretary reported apologies received from -  Mr K Shankland, Mr N Tobin Mr  R Bratherton, Mr D Armitage ,Mr G Armitage, Mr D Baggaley, Mr T Kindell, Mr P Houghton, Mr P Sharpe, Mr T Barnett, Mr P Wegmann


The Chair requested that all members stand for one minutes silence to remember those ICTa members who had passed away during the year. We have been specifically advised of-

 Paul Severn, West Midlands, Eiros Morgan, South Wales & South West


Minutes of the last (11th) Annual Meeting, 17th November 2016


These had been circulated by posting on the ICTa microsite prior to the AM and circulated at this meeting. These were taken as read.

 Mr R Hall proposed and seconded by Mr Ian Walker that they be adopted as a true and correct record. The motion was passed unanimously by the meeting, and were signed off by the International Chair.


Chairman’s Report

Copies of the International Chair’s report were again posted on the microsite and circulated at the meeting.

The Chair wished to thank the ICTa Education and Training Committee and Chair, Mrs Paula Wardle who had continued in this role and the ICT Trust for their tremendous work and support with the complete re writing of the Level 3 and Level 3 Clay Technology courses, to enable them to receive validation by the Awarding Body and to ensure that they were suitable for the target audiences, and with L3 to create a transitional course to the Foundation Degree, with their success being judged by the support of Industry and the student uptake

The Chair also expressed her thanks to the Hon Gen Secretary and other officers for their help and support to her, and to IoM3 staff for their assistance and support The Chair thanked Johanna Thompson of IoM3, for all of the administrative work involved in ensuring the courses were successful

Chris Hallas proposed acceptance, and David Willett seconded, with the motion unanimously acceptance by the meeting

Whilst the education and training activities of ICTa remain very positive, the local society network is shrinking, with only two societies North Staffs and Yorkshire having published programmes for the coming year




Election of Office Bearers for the Year 2017/18.


To enable Mrs Paula Wardle to continue to chair the Education and Training Committee, the following proposal was put to the meeting

That, Mrs Andrea Bennett continue for a third year as International Chair, and that Mr Andrew Carp, North Staffs, join the committee as Deputy International Chair

Mrs Andrea Bennett to remain as Chair-proposed by Mr Carl Cuthbert and seconded by Mr Andrew Carp

Mr Andrew Carp to join as Deputy-proposed by Mr Andrew McKnight and seconded by Mr Pat Furr, with both  proposasl being unanimously accepted

The meeting was also advised that the Hon Gen Secretary, Mike Chapman, will be retiring at the 2018 AM, so again nominations are required to fill this post


Dates and Venue of the Thirteenth Annual Meeting 2018


The Secretary informed the meeting that the nest Annual Meeting would be held as part of the “Clay Tech UK” event. This will be held on 15th November 2018, with venue to be confirmed

This Annual Meeting was declared closed by the International Chairman. 


Other Business


Ernest Simpson Award and Lisney Prize

The International Chair was delighted to announce that Mr Will Hayles, West Midlands Local Society as the winner for 2017/18

Will was an original sponsored student by old ICT and had made a huge contribution to the re writing of the L3 Clay Technology course and without these efforts it would have been unlikely that all the course material was ready for the launch of the course in October. The Management Committee felt that his achievements admirably fulfilled the award criteria, for contribution in the field of education and training

As Will was unavailable, the award was accepted by the International Chair on his behalf

ICTa is very grateful to Forterra for their continued sponsorship of the Lisney Prize



Mr M Chapman

Honorary General Secretary

3rd December 2017


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