• Building skills

    The skills gap is a dominating issue within the construction industry and beyond. What could the introduction of T-levels aimed to drive technical training mean for the next generation of the workforce? Natalie Daniels finds out.
  • Q&A – Dave Whitney

    Natalie Daniels talks to Dave Whitney on celebrating 50 years since kiln maintenance first opened and how the Government can support Clay Brick, Tile and Pipe Industries to thrive as well as survive.
  • See-through supply chains

    Professor Jacqueline Glass looks into the future of construction materials
  • Q&A – Joe Morris

    Natalie Daniels talks to Joe Morris about the return to tradition in architecture and becoming Head Judge at this year’s Brick Awards.
  • Q&A – Keith Aldis Chief Executive of the BDA

    Natalie Daniels talks to Keith Aldis, the new chief executive of the BDA, about his plans for the organisation and why brick is favourable in the construction industry.
  • Best of brick – Residenza Le Stelle

    Ellis Davies investigates the robotically built Residenza Le Stelle, Switzerland, and what the technology is capable of.
  • Q&A – Rebecca Larkin

    Rebecca Larkin tells natalie daniels about the challenges facing the construction industry and why brick captures headlines for the wrong reasons.
  • Clay history unearthed

    Ancient clay dug up from underneath London Bridge railway station has inspired a new series of artworks. Natalie Daniels explains.
  • Building out of poverty

    The future of urban development requires planning and appropriate materials. Alastair Marsh argues that geopolymers could be a part of the solution.
  • Edith and Hans honours brick making in Bristol

    Sarah Staton talks to Khai Trung Le on the unveiling of the University of Bristol’s Stoke Bishop-based ‘social sculpture’, Edith and Hans, to honour the city’s historic connections with brick making.