• Innovation at the brick awards

    Clay Technology takes a look at the projects shortlisted for the innovation category at the Brick Awards 2018, by the Brick Development Association.
  • Material Marvels: the Taj Mahal

    A mausoleum and example of Indo-Islamic architecture, the Taj Mahal has become synonymous with India. However, it faces threats from pollution and tourism. Kathryn Allen takes a look at its history.
  • Tanzania: Firing up

    Ali Sheriff looks at how to make the leap from batch to continuous firing of bricks in Tanzania.
  • Sustainable thinking

    Aidan Bell, co-founder of Envirobuild, UK, looks at the production of clay and how modern methodologies have influenced an ancient discipline.
  • With spraying colours

    Ines Nastali looks at the latest trends in pigment engineering and how chemicals used in the industry should be surveyed for effective environmental impact control.
  • Survey from the sky

    Adrian Wilkinson and Rupert Wilks, QuarryDesign, UK, explore the use of drones in quarry surveys.
  • Q&A – Nigel Cooke

    Dr Nigel Cooke, Director of the UK Quality Ash Association, talks to Gary Peters about his career and the fly ash industry.
  • Brick for all

    From central London developments to 13 th -century Gothic buildings in Spain, there’s a host of brick uses to fit all tastes, as The Brick Development Association’s (BDA) Tom Farmer and Gary Peters discover.
  • Q&A – Tom Reynolds

    The British Ceramic Confederation (BCC) has outlined concerns about the dumping of cheap goods in the UK. Tom Reynolds*, BCC Commercial & Public Affairs Director, talks to Gary Peters about the need for a level playing field and a comprehensive trade deal post-Brexit.
  • A new direction for the cement industry

    Mark Tyrer, Christopher Cheeseman, Alan Maries, and John Provis* look at the history of the cement industry and how it can reduce its CO2 footprint.