Information for school and college pupils

These pages provide students in school years 7 to 13 and college pupils with information and advice on careers, taster courses and scholarship schemes relating to materials, minerals and mining engineering.

Careers in materials, minerals and mining

The fields of materials, minerals and mining engineering offer an endless choice of exciting, challenging and rewarding careers. You might have the chance to develop ground-breaking new materials at the forefront of technology or design a new system for extracting the precious resources found deep within the Earth’s crust.

Experts in materials, minerals and mining are in high demand and can work in research and development, manufacturing, design, and problem solving, to name but a few. They have the opportunity to climb the management ladder and travel the world.

What is materials science and engineering?

What are minerals and mining engineering?

Where can I study materials, minerals and mining engineering?

Scholarships for sixth-formers

Taster courses, open days and visits