IOM3(HK) – Technical Site Visit to Road P2 and Associated Works of TKO-LTT

Hong Kong Branch
14 Aug 2019
A technical site visit was successfully organized by the IOM3 Hong Kong branch to Road P2 and Associated Works (Contract No. NE/2015/02) of Tseung Kwan O – Lam Tin Tunnel (TKO-LTT) on 24 November 2018 with 23 participants. 
The group was welcomed by Mr. Simon Yeung, Senior Resident Engineer (SRE), from the consulting engineer - AECOM in a newly established community liaison office in Tseung Kwan O. Simon showed to the group scale models of the project and explained the key features one by one. After that, a detailed presentation was given by Assistant Resident Engineer – Mr. Jason Liao formally.  
The group was told that the TKO-LTT is a dual-two lane highway of approximately 4.2 km long, of which 2.2km is main tunnel, connecting Tseung Kwan O and East Kowloon. The Tseung Kwan O – Lam Tin Tunnel, together with the Trunk Road T2 in Kai Tak Development and Central Kowloon Route, will form Route 6 in the strategic road network providing an express link between Kowloon West and Tseung Kwan O. The Route 6 will also mitigate the road traffic condition of central and eastern Kowloon. The works of Road P2 and Associated Works include reclamation of approximately 3 hectares at Junk Bay, construction of the dual two-lane Road P2 of approximately 800 m long with approximately 200 m of the depressed carriageway covered by landscape deck, and implementation of the associated building, civil, structural, marine, electrical and mechanical, landscaping and environmental protection and mitigation works.
The group was impressed by the Engineer’s design of having depressed road in new reclamation land so as to form a landscape deck with the design purpose of minimizing the visual and noise impacts to the nearby residential blocks. 
To reduce the potential impact on the environment, state of art technology was adopted. A row of interlocking steel sheet piles and rock-filled steel tanks were installed as a temporary cofferdam surrounding the dredging area. The dredging work hence could only be conducted within the cofferdam.  This is the first time to adopt this in reclamation in Hong Kong.  A temporary double water gate system of 55m long, 24m wide, and 11m deep was fabricated in a dockyard, soaked, delivered by tug boat and rested on the seabed. This forms a key access point for barge entering and leaving the cofferdam. 
The group then travelled to the offshore reclamation site by coach and by boat. The group got a chance to have closer look at the temporary cofferdam as well as the temporary double water gate system. They understood the function and engineering principle behind the works. At the same time, opposite to the site, two adjacent Contracts are being conducted – one is Contract No. NE/2017/01 - Tseung Kwan O Interchange and Associated Works and another one is NE/2015/01 - Main Tunnel and Associated Works. Mr. Billy Siu, Senior Resident Engineer from Main Tunnel Contract also explained to the group the portal work as well as some of the viaduct foundation work being executed under the Main tunnel contract. Heavy temporary working platforms were erected for offshore viaduct foundation work. And the Main tunnel eastern portal works are progressing. The BMCPC footbridge temporary diversion work and re-construction were complicated in nature. 
Reclamation work will be the focus for Hong Kong’s upcoming infrastructure development. This visit offered our members and participants a good opportunity to widen their horizon in this aspect, in particular how they construct in more environmental friendly way. The Contractor of this project is CRBC-Build King Joint Venture. The project commenced in July 2016, with contract sum of HKD $1.777 billion. This is a NEC Option C Contract. 
We would like to give our appreciation to Civil Engineering and Development Department for their approval for having this site visit. Special thank you to the site supervision team lead by Mr. Simon Yeung, SRE as well as Mr. Billy Siu, SRE. They spent huge effort in site visit, logistics and presentation which are very impressive to the participants.
Group Picture at the pier before boat trip 
Souvenir Presentation by the Council to Senior Resident Engineer Mr. Simon Yeung from the Engineer, AECOM
(From Left to Right), Mr. Nick Cheung,  Mr. Kelvin Choi, Mr. Simon Yeung, Mr. YC Lam   
Temporary cofferdam formed of interlocking steel sheet piles and rock-filled steel tanks
Adjacent Contract - NE/2015/01 Main tunnel and Associated Works: tunnel portal at Tseung Kwan O
Group Picture in a newly established community liaison centre in Tseung Kwan O