IOM3(HK) Technical Seminar - Reinforced Earth: Principle and Experience in the Mine Industry

Hong Kong Branch
14 Aug 2019

IOM3 Hong Kong Branch recently organized a technical seminar, named Reinforced Earth: Principle and Experience in the Mine Industry on 18 April 2019 with over 50 attendees.  

The seminar began with an introduction to the speaker, Dimitri PLANTIER, Regional Manager in Reinforced Earth Pacific Limited. Mr. PLANTIER then described the principle of the reinforced earth technology and details of the materials adopted in the process. Proper selection of materials is a key issue to achieving a competent structure. The participants were impressed with the application in various situations, such as retaining wall, embankment, access ramp, wing wall, reinforced fill slope etc.  He demonstrated how this technology is proven to be a cost effective solution in different types of projects. 

Mr PLANTIER gave particular focus on the product application in the mining industry. He showed us how the product is integrated with internal or external waterproofing to use as bund wall and liquid retaining structure. One of the typical applications was heavy loaded temporary bridge supported by reinforced earth walls. He showed us how the reinforced earth performed before and after an earthquake incident.  Another of example was of a precast tunnel constructed using a new technique. This offers a rapid solution of erecting the tunnel structure in open cut and dry condition. A detailed comparison with traditional reinforced concrete L or T shape wall was given. He described a decision-making process on choosing the suitable type of structure in different situation.

IOM3 Hong Kong Branch would express our sincere thanks to Mr PLANTIER for bringing us such a fruitful evening. And special thank you to City University of Hong Kong - Department of Materials Science and Engineering who offer us high quality lecture space for technical seminar. We look forward to having stronger strengthened links with academic institutions. 


Thanks to Mr PLANTIER that we are authorized to circulate information relevant to this seminar by clicking this link.