Hong Kong Branch
16 Jul 2018

This year again, IOM3(HK) are very pleased by the response of  the industry. Five finalists presented by the young Hong Kong engineers to take part in the final of the Young Persons’ Lecture Competition 2018 (HK Heat) on 26 June 2018. This year’s winner went to Lynn Guo.


Winner of YPLC 2018 (HK Heat) - Lynn Guo

Lynn Guo won with his lecture “Combating Cancers with A New Superweapon”. She expressed her excitement after receiving the certificate, "It is really my greatest honor to be selected as the winner for the Young Persons' Lecture Competition (HK Heat). I would like to seize this opportunity to thanks IOM3 for organizing such a meaningful competition and providing a chance for sharing research in Hong Kong. I would also want to express my gratitude to my supervisor, Prof. Min WANG, for continuous support and guidance. I will continue my effort in preparing the presentation for the global finalist Young Persons' Lecture Competition that will take place in South Africa this coming October. I will do my best for it! ".

The other four finalists (Anthony Wong, Bobo Law, Tommy Wan and Jonathan Yan) also delivered a great presentation. Below are their lecture presented:

Anthony Wong (1st runner-up) - Production and Characterisation of Glass Proppants for Application in Hydraulic Fracturing
Bobo Law (2nd runner-up) - Development of All-Solid-State Lithium-ion Batteries Based on Poly (Ethylene Oxide) Electrolyte
Tommy Wan - Waveform Interpretation of Induced Vibration on Shallow Cover Tunnel by Surface Blast  
Jonathan Yan - Geological Model for Underground Development

Lynn Guo will represent IOM3(HK) to attend the Young Persons' World Lecture Competition Final held in October 2018 at South Africa. She also be awarded a prize of $1,000HKD.

We would like to thanks all five finalists in the competition and particular the judges, Guy Bridges, Bob Evans and Louis Wong, who had the challenging task to select the top three from the finalists. Special thanks to AECOM to provide the venue for the competition.  Finally, we wish Good luck to Lynn Guo and enjoy the Competition in South Africa.

1st runner-up: Anthony Wong 


2nd runner-up: Bobo Law 


From left: Bob Evans; Tommy Wan; Bobo Law; Lynn Guo; Anthony Wong; Jonathan Yan; Louis Wong and Guy Bridges


Thank you Judges!