IOM3(HK) – Technical Visit to Hong Kong Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre on 23 June 2018

Hong Kong Branch
16 Jul 2018

On 23 June 2018 (Saturday), a technical visit to Hong Kong - the Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre ("CITAC") by the IOM3 Hong Kong Branch was held. Total of 21 participants joined the visit. 
CITAC was established by the CIC in November 2017 to explore and identify innovative techniques and technologies both locally and internationally to improve productivity, sustainability and safety in Hong Kong's construction industry.
During the visit, very detailed presentation to various construction innovations was given to the participants by Miss Chammy Wan and Mr. Alex Fu of Construction Industry Council (“CIC”). 
In the one and half hour tour, Miss Chammy Wan and Mr. Alex Fu briefed all the major innovations and technology applications are being developed for the construction industry. The CITAC inaugural exhibition is divided into six different thematic zones, namely “Industrialisation”, “Informatisation”, “Intelligentisation”, “Integration”, “Infinity” and “Gizmo”, which have been designed to showcase and demonstrate different construction technologies, devices and materials. The current exhibition has about 30 construction innovations on display.
The participants were offered an opportunity to experience and explore Building Information Modelling BIM in Virtual Reality. They knew the Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) method which can bring enormous benefits to the construction industry in term of efficiency and safety. “Service Robot for Repair of Exterior Gas Pipe” allow workers to repair pipeline in the exterior walls of buildings, including polishing and painting, with remote control.
 Some of the innovations in material application including 3D Printed Concrete Wall and Foamed Concrete widen the participants’ horizon in building material aspect. IAQ Disinfection Robot and Rebar Tying Machine made the construction work process more convenient. There is a smart IoT (Internet of Thing) Safety Helmet equipped with sensors which can monitor the heart rate, body temperature and movement of construction workers. There is also a safety system using location tracking technology by mounting a RFID tags on a safety helmet. It significantly improves safety of construction workers in a complex and challenging environment. During this visit, the participants had a better understanding of the advances in technology, and identified the need of being innovative in daily working environment. 
On behalf of the IOM3 HK Branch, we would like to express our sincere thanks again to CIC for the kind arrangements of this visit to CITAC; in particular, we would like to express our gratitude and deep appreciation to Miss Chammy Wan and Mr. Alex Fu of CIC for giving very detailed presentation and receiving us.  Our members enjoyed very much the visit and thanks to Mr WAN Kai-hong, Manager of CITAC, to have kind arrangement.  Everyone from the visit shared their great appreciation.



Photo 1 and 2 - Miss Chammy Wan and Mr. Alex Fu of Construction Industry Council giving introduction and presentation to the participants


Photo 3 - Participants in front of Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre


Photo 4 - Mr Kelvin Choi (L), President of IOM3 (HK) presenting appreciation and souvenir to Miss Chammy Wan (R) of CIC.