IOM3(HK) – TECHNICAL SEMINAR ON Experience Sharing for Effectiveness of NEC Contract (17 Jan 2017)

Hong Kong Branch
28 Apr 2017

On 17 January 2017, a technical Seminar about Experience Sharing for Effectiveness of NEC Contract organised by the IOM3 Hong Kong Branch was held. 120 participates were joined to this event.

Mr KH Fok has vast experiences in administrating New Engineering Contract (NEC) contracts, this seminar was a great opportunity for our IOM3 Hong Kong Branch members and friends to tap into his experiences and getting prepared for the NEC challenges ahead, as the Development Bureau was driving all public works contracts to adopt NEC form as much as possible.  The Development Bureau also promulgated a “Practice Notes for New Engineering Contract (NEC) – Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) for Public Works Project in Hong Kong” to raise the awareness of common issues and to align practices in contact administration and project management for projects using ECC across various stages from option selection, preparation of tender documents and tender assessment to construction.

The seminar was well received by more than 120 audiences, KH has adopted an very interactive approach is his sharing, engaging the floor to heavily participate discussion focusing on common issues on different aspects such as time (programme), subcontracting, payment, compensation event, etc.  Before any specific topic was brought up, KH would briefly go over the NEC provisions and the Practice Notes guidance, to assist our members and friends to visualize the practical issues and common problems, possibly being encountered in the future if not already been encountered in our works.  Real-life cases encountered were then brought up for illustration and discussion, which KH welcomed all sorts of opinion and view from the participants.  KH then finished off these discussions on different aspects with possible solutions and his recommendations for effective implementation of the NEC.

You may view the persentation material from Here.


20170117 NEC Contract image 1 Sharing between Mr. KH Fok and the audiences


20170117 NEC Contract image 2 Full house of over 120 attendees


20170117 NEC Contract image 3 The President of the Hong Kong branch of IOM3, Mr Andy Rain (R), presenting souvenir to the speaker Mr. KH Fok (L)