Register now for the 2011 Parsons Turbine conference

High Temperature Materials Committee
1 Jul 2011

Bookings are now being taken for the IOM3 Eighth International Charles Parsons Turbine Conference "Turbo-Machinery
for Power Generation and Propulsion - Keeping the lights on without
costing the earth".

Parsons’ turbine concepts were the embryo that has lead to the massive
growth of the worldwide power generation business. Turbo-machinery lies
at the heart of virtually all the world’s major power supply systems,
be they for electricity generation or for Aero, Marine and Automotive
propulsion. Development trends over recent years have concentrated upon
concepts to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and increase plant life
whilst reducing operating and maintenance costs. Despite the recent
developments in “renewable” technologies, there is still no viable
alternative technology to provide the bulk of today’s energy and
transport demands.

The Eighth International Charles Parsons Turbine Conference, to be held 5-8 September 2011 in Portsmouth, will demonstrate the significant research and development
effort into combustion technology for reduced emissions and the ability
to handle low thermal equivalence fuels; improved design concepts for
compressors and increased turbine efficiencies, reducing generator
losses, extending component life and improving reliability and
maintainability (repair) of plant, amongst many other topics.

The comprehensive programme will feature
the 2011 Charles Parsons Memorial Lecture, Celebrity Lecture, Keynote
presenations and specialised sessions covering Gas Turbines, Steam
Turbines, Future Fossil, and Coatings and Steels.

Full programme details and online registration are now available via