High temperature materials technology drivers

Technology drivers for the aerospace (gas turbine) industry

Business Drivers Issues Technology and Innovation Needs
Markets Unit cost Reduced cost materials and processes. Improved welding processes (particularly for dissimilar materials). Improved performance materials
  Time to market Materials with reduced processing times. Better modelling capability "On -the -shelf " technology
  Weight Lower density materials.
  More Electric Engine Improved electrical insulation materials. High performance conductors/ magnetic materials/ electrical components (dielectrics, semiconductors, superconductors).
Quality, reliability and durability Component lives More precise component life prediction methods. Improved oxidation/corrosion protective coating materials. Improved material behaviour understanding. Improved understanding of effects of defects. Improved NDE methods.
  Repairability Develop repair methods for blisks, SX components, etc. Life prediction methods for repaired components.
Environment Thermal efficiency High temperature materials Improved oxidation / corrosion resistant coatings. Improved abradable/sealing materials and blade tip treatments.
  Reduced emissions Higher temperature combustor materials (for casings, liners, tiles, fuel injectors, etc). Improved oxidation/corrosion protective coating materials. Improved thermal barrier coating materials. Development of anti-coking coatings.
  Health & Safety Less hazardous materials.