High Temperature Materials Committee - mission

The function of the HTMC is to benefit industry by the promotion of understanding of the behaviour of high temperature structural materials with a view to improving both their reliability and performance in service applications. The evaluation of microstructural changes occurring in service as well as environmental effects on materials properties and behaviour is an important aspect of this.

The HTMC aims to promote awareness of developments and needs for change in standards, specifications and codes directed towards achieving improved materials properties and service reliability. Co-operation is encouraged between industrial and academic researchers through the organisation of technical meetings, conferences, symposia, workshops etc. and, through this, also supports the continuing professional development policy of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

The HTMC aims to establish and encourage technical exchanges with and between other professional organisations in Europe, USA (TMS High Temperature Alloys Committee), Japan, China, Asia etc. with similar interests in high temperature materials, and via IOM3 through the organisation of international conferences.

Membership is primarily from Institute members experienced in the manufacturing and user industries, as well as experts from research organisations and universities. It aims to have a strong industrial and user bias. Appropriate experts may also be temporarily co-opted onto scientific conference organisation committees.



The HTMC promotes education and technology advancements in the field of high temperature materials leading to technology transfer and industrial exploitation. 

This shall be achieved by bringing like-minded industrial materials engineers and academic researchers together for technical meetings, conferences, symposia and workshops that will support the continuing professional development of members of the Institute.

The committee will primarily be comprised from Institute members:

      With industrial experience of manufacturing materials for high temperatures.

      With industrial experience of using materials at high temperatures.

      Who are experts from research organisations and universities.

The HTMC shall encourage technical exchanges with and between other professional organisations in Europe, USA, Japan, China, Asia etc. with similar interests in high temperature materials.



To provide events on topics relevant to the CPD of IOM3 members. The HTMC will identify topics and arrange events in collaboration with the IOM3 conference office.

Where suitable topics are identified, to organise 2-3 day conferences that attract an international audience.

To promote interaction between industry and academia.

Where possible, the HTMC shall provide advice/support to SMEs needing guidance about high temperature materials.

To look for opportunities to engage with schools to promote materials science and engineering, and where possible to introduce the concept of how materials can change at high temperatures.

To look for opportunities to publish articles in materials world.

As required, to support events to help the Institute understand what parts of the high temperature materials supply chain are active in the UK and the future needs from the supply chain.

Where appropriate to support events to promote networking and collaboration in developing research and development projects.

To continually re-assess what materials should be counted as high temperature materials and make sure that these materials are covered by the committee’s activities (especially if they are not covered elsewhere by the IOM3).



Organise events (each committee member to be involved in at least one event every two years).

Review the effectiveness of the way the committee communicates with the members of IOM3 who have expressed an interest in high temperature materials.

Retain good links with the High Temperature Materials Testing Committee.

Support the education/schools section of the IOM3.

Support the IOM3 section dealing with SMEs.

Develop links with organisations outside the UK who have a special interest in high temperature materials.