8th International Charles Parsons Turbine Conference

5 Sep 2011 - 8 Sep 2011

Organised by the High Temperature Materials Committee of the Materials Science and Technology Division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

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Turbo-Machinery for Power Generation and Propulsion: Keeping the lights on without costing the earth


Parsons’ turbine concepts were the embryo that has lead to the massive growth of the worldwide power generation business. Turbo-machinery lies at the heart of virtually all the world’s major power supply systems, be they for electricity generation or for Aero, Marine and Automotive propulsion. Development trends over recent years have concentrated upon concepts to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and increase plant life whilst reducing operating and maintenance costs. Despite the recent developments in “renewable” technologies, there is still no viable alternative technology to provide the bulk of today’s energy and transport demands. 

Since Parsons 2007 there has been much research and development effort, into combustion technology for reduced emissions and the ability to handle low thermal equivalence fuels; improved design concepts for compressors and increased turbine efficiencies, reducing generator losses, extending component life and improving reliability and maintainability (repair) of plant, amongst many other topics.

This conference will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion, amongst learned colleagues from industry and academia, of the results of the latest research concerned with turbo-machinery for power generation or propulsion. Specific topics within the scope of the conference include

design, materials, manufacture and operation of turbine power plant, together with fuel issues and reduction/elimination of emissions.

The conference will be structured to allow the maximum of interaction with both oral and poster sessions. 












This event is accredited for 18 hours of Professional Development by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

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Monday 5 September 2011

Parsons Memorial Lecture: Organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Engineering the future: learning from past innovators(2.16MB PDF)

William M Banks, Past President of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers


Tuesday 6 September 2011


Opening Address: Sir Charles Algernon Parsons and PortsmouthConnection  (974KB PDF)

A Strang
[University of Leicester, UK]


Keynote: Future Challenges for Steam Turbine Design

M Sell
[Alstom Baden, Switzerland]


Deformation mechanisms in y-strengthened Nickel-base superalloys
for disk application
(1.48MB PDF)

Preuss, B Grant, E Knoche, J Quinta da Fonseca [The University of Manchester,UK],

M Daymond [Queen's University,UK]

Parsons 500 MW and 660 MW steam turbines operating experience and
lessons learned

Horseman [Siemens Energy, UK]


Microstructural evolutions of IN738LC during multiple reheat treatment
and aging

Pahlavanyali, M Wood [ERA Technology, UK]
G Marchant [Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, UK]

Inspection and life assessment challenges for the high

plant P91/ P92 components  (1.93MB PDF)
A Shibli [European Technology Development, UK]


The effect of rejuvenation heat treatments on gamma prime distributions
in a Ni-based superalloy for power plant applications
(794KB PDF)

Z Yao,
MAE Jepson, RC Thomson [Loughborough University, UK]

CC Degnan
[E.ON New Build and TechnologyLtd, UK]


ARABELLE 1550 MWe units: 10 years of feed back experience in the
EDF N4 nuclear power plants
(1.3MB PDF)

Buguin, C Schenck, F-X Catelan, VJourdain, F Lamarque [Alstom Power Thermal
Products, France]


Limitations in the design of colling systems for gas turbine
(421KB PDF)

AW Davis
[Siemens Industrial Turbo Machinery Ltd, UK]


Microstructural stability of nickel-base alloys for advanced power
plant applications
(633KB PDF)

Ennis, A Strang, SP Gill, HV Atkinson[University of Leicester, UK],
GM McColvin [Alstom Power Thermal Products, UK]


A new single crystal superalloy for power generation applications(791KB PDF)

Moverare*, M Hasselqvist, F Karlsson, [Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB

Technology, Sweden, *and Linköping University, Sweden]
A Sato, RC Reed [University of Birmingham, UK]


Microstructural analysis of IN617 oxidised in the presence of

Gorman, R Higginson, R Thomson [Loughborough University, UK], G McColvin, H Du
[Alstom Power, UK], T Fry [NPL, UK]


New filler alloys for oxidation damage repair(666KB PDF)

Hasselqvist, A Graichen, J Ericsson, N Åberg [Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery
AB, Sweden]


Oxidation behavior of cast Ni-Cr alloys in steam at 800°C

Essuman, LR Walker, PJ Maziasz, BA Pint [Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA]


High temperature oxidation and corrosion of gas turbine materials
in burner rig exposures
(775KB PDF)

Sumner, A Encinas-Oropesa, NJ Simms, JE Oakey [Cranfield University, UK]


Mechanisms for boron effect on microstructure and creep strength of
ferritic power plant steels
(1.12MB PDF)

F Abe, M
Tabuchi, S Tsukamoto [National Institute for Materials Science, Japan]


Predicting the performance of a thermal barrier coating system under
thermal mechanical fatigue conditions - informing and validating a physics
based model

Everitt [QinetiQ Ltd, UK], J Brooks, H

[University of Strathclyde, UK]


Microstructural stability and long-term creep strength of Grade 91
(1.07MB PDF)

Kimura, K Sawada, H Kushima, Y Toda [National Institute for Materials Science, Japan]


The effect of water vapor content on TBC lifetime

BA Pint,
JA Haynes [Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA]


The effect of thermal history during fabrication on the
mechanical properties of weldments in Grade 91

creep resistant steel (915KB PDF)

Rothwell, D Abson [TWI Ltd, UK]


Residual stresses distribution in a thermally oxidised RT22
coated superalloy
(715KB PDF)

Liu, PEJ Flewitt, M Pavier [University of Bristol, UK]


Creep strengthening nano-precipitate distributions in the carbon
depleted region of dissimilar ferritic power plant steel welds

Dawson, GJ Tatlock [University of Liverpool, UK]


An analysis of competitive growth in a 2-dimensional spiral grain
(1.19MB PDF)

H Dong,
M Javahar, H Dai [University of Leicester, UK], N Dsouza [Rolls Royce plc, UK]


Manufacturing of advanced rotor forgings for highly efficient
fossil  power plants
(931KB PDF)

B Donth,
N Blaes, D Bokelmann [Saarschmiede GmbH Freiformschmiede, Germany]


Surface scale on investment cast single-crystal gas turbine components(1.06MB PDF)

H Dong,
S Simmonds [University of Leicester, UK], N D'Souza [Rolls Royce plc, UK], G


Modelling of cyclic hardening and softening in a viscoplastic
material model of chaboche-type
(566KB PDF)

A Simon
[Alstom (Switzerland) Ltd, Switzerland]


An analytical model of the inertia friction Welding of round
tubes of superalloys
(488KB PDF)

Yang [University of Birmingham, UK]


Steam turbine blade erosion

Laycock [Centrica Energy, UK]


Wednesday 7 September 2011


Keynote: Coatings technology for gas turbines - past, present and
future challenges
(1.37MB PDF)

Rickerby [Rolls-Royce plc, UK]


Overview of Sulzer Metco compressor and turbine abradable
(4.39MB PDF)

S Wilson
[Sulzer Metco AG, Switzerland]


Determining elastic moduli of high-temperature materials: the
impact excitation method
(367KB PDF)

Morrell, JD Lord [National Physical Laboratory, UK]


Reducing engineering risk in power generation by using materials databases
and data assessment procedures
(282KB PDF)

Bullough, M Norman [Alstom Power, UK]


Progress in ODS alloys: a synopsis of a 2010 workshop on Fe-
based ODS alloys

BK Kad
[University of California, USA], S Dryepondt, BA Pint, PF Tortorelli [Oak Ridge
National Laboratory, USA], AR Jones, GJ Tatlock [University of Liverpool, UK],
V Cedro III, PA Rawls [National Energy Technology Laboratory Pittsburgh, USA]


The benefits of using ODS ferritic alloys for high temperature
applications in conventional and nuclear power plants

Tatlock, A Jones [University of Liverpool, UK]


Solid state joining of oxide dispersion strengthened ferritic
(FeCrAl) alloy tubes

BK Kad
[University of California, USA]


Can marine renewables contribute to the 2020 electricity supply
make up?

Johnstone [Energy Systems Research Unit, UK]


Wind energy - a new energy with new challenges(374KB PDF)

E Ross
[RWE Npower Renewables Ltd, UK]


Fireside issues in advanced power generation systems

Simms, J Sumner, T Hussain, JE Oakey [Cranfield University, UK]


Research and development for steam and gas turbines in a
low-carbon future

J Wells
[RWE npower, UK]


700°C power plant technology - current status and further
(843KB PDF)

Lockyer [E.ON New Build and Technology Limited, UK], H Tschaffon [E.ON New Build
and Technology GmbH, Germany]


Fossil energy materials research development for power and steam turbines(1.74MB PDF)

Romanosky [US Department of Energy, USA]


Thursday 8 September 2011


Keynote: Aero Gas Turbine Materials: The Changing Face of

Goulette [Rolls Royce plc, UK]


On the TMF behaviour of a 1st and 2nd generation single crystal
Ni based superalloy with and without

NiCoCrAlY+Re coatings (1.86 MB PDF)

A Costa,
E Poggio, E Vacchieri, S Corcoruto [Ansaldo Energia SpA, Italy]


Development of a finite element materials model to account for
the effects of shot peening and subsequent low cycle fatigue loading

Soady, D Bray, BG Mellor, PAS Reed [University of Southampton, UK]

A Morris  [E.ON New Build & Technology Ltd, UK]


Advanced thermo-mechanical fatigue crack growth testing for component
life validation
(736 KB PDF)

Jacques, M Lynch, A Wisbey [Serco Technical Sonsulting Services, UK]

S Stekovic,
S Williams [Rolls-Royce plc, UK]


The effects of shot peening on subsequent low cycle fatigue behaviour
in a LP Turbine blade material with and without a stress concentration feature

D Bray,
KA Soady, JA Wharton, BG Mellor, PAS Reed [University of Southampton, UK]

A Morris
[E.ON New Build & Technology Ltd, UK]


Lifing predictions for Nickel based superalloys exhibiting sustained
macroscopic deflected fatigue crack

Growth (1.2 MB PDF)

Schoettle, PAS Reed, MJ Starink, I Sinclair [University of Southampton, UK]


Growth rate of short cracks in a steam turbine blade steel(717KB PDF)

S Zhou,
A Turnbull [National Physical Laboratory, UK]


A comparison of gas turbine disc materials under severe high temperature
conditions - evaluating

microstructure, environment  and temperature effects (1.3MB PDF)

Everitt [QinetiQ Ltd, UK],

MJ Starink,
PAS Reed [University of Southampton, UK]


Steam turbine design challenges addressing current and future power
generation requirements

Deckers, T Thiemann [Siemens Energy, Germany],

Horseman [Siemens Energy, UK]


Influence of a compressive residual stress on hot corrosion in
the gas turbine
(745KB PDF)

Gibson, KM Perkins, AJ Leggett [Rolls-Royce plc, UK]


Material and design interaction in modern steam power plants

Kern, H Almstedt [Siemens AG, Germany]


Gas turbine vane condition assessment

A Laycock
[Centrica Energy, UK]


12Cr steels within Alstom's design and materials selection in
high temperature applications

G Mutch,
C Bullough, S Babu [Alstom, UK]


Life management of hot gas path turbine components(539KB PDF)

Scanlon [E.ON New Build and Technology Limited, UK]


Design of 10%Cr martensitic steels for improved creep resistance
in power plant applications
(689KB PDF)

Sachadel, PF Morris, PD Clarke [Tata Steel, The Netherlands and UK]


Life management of hot gas path turbine components -
metallurgical verification of life extension
(1.12MB PDF)

S Ogden
[E.ON New Build & Technology Limited, UK]


Microstructure evolution of a Z-phase strengthened 9-12% Cr steel

Liu, H-O Andrén [Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden]


Creep residual life evaluation and microstructural degradation of
an ex-service GT 3rd stage blade
(1.23MB PDF)

Poggio, E Vacchieri, G Delogu, D Antoniol, S Corcoruto [Ansaldo Energia spa,


An alternative approach to improving the creep strength of 9-12
wt.% Cr steels utilising modified pre-service heat treatments

Morris, P Clarke [Tata Steel Research, UK]

Y Liu, G
West, R C Thomson [Loughborough University, UK]


Gas turbine rotor life assessment

Laycock [Centrica Energy, UK]


Clean energy requirements in Europe using IGCC concepts(1.06 MB PDF)

F Starr
[Claverton Energy Group, Consultant ETD Ltd, UK],

C Cormos
[Babes-Bolyai University, Romania]

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University of Portsmouth
United Kingdom
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Paul Harris
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