Heritage Collection

The Institute owns a number of items of historical interest. Special collections include: 

  • The Sir Henry Bessemer (1813-1898) Collection: two display cases showing his Autobiography, photographs and artefacts are available to see at the Bessemer Suite at IOM3 headquarters in London.
  • Collections of Scientific Papers written by distinguished materials scientists: Dr John Percy (1817-1889); Dr Donald McLean (1915-2018), Dr W.Eric Duckworth (1925-2012), Prof Peter Jost (1921-2016) and others.
  • Dunlop/BTR rubber research reports.
  • The IMM historical collection.
  • Miners Safety Lamps - a unique collection of about 150 miners lamps currently on display at the IOM3 new building in London.
  • Viva Talbot (1900-1983) - "Steelmaking" a collection of 15 prints showing the steel making process from the mining of raw materials to the manufacturing of finished products in the 1930s. This Collection is on display at IOM3 headquarters in London.
  • Collection of antiquarian books.

There are also subject indexes to mining industry literature from 1894 onwards and a collection of modern publications on mining history.

IOM3 titles such as Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute (JISI) 1869-1973 and Journal of the Institute of Metals (JIM) 1908-1973, Transactions of the Institution of Rubber Industries (IRI), Transactions of the Plastics Institute (PI), Plastics and Rubber International (PRI) and others titles contain technical information and information of historical interest, such as formation of former organisations that constitute IOM3 today, biographies, obituaries, appreciation, photographs of Past Presidents, etc. These titles are held in the IOM3's National Materials and Mining Archive in Grantham.

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10th March 2018 marks William Menelaus (1818-1882) Bicentenary of his Birth.

William Menelaus was a founder member of the Iron and Steel Institute, its President in 1873-1877 and Bessemer Gold Medallist awarded in 1881.

An article was published in the March 2018 issue of Materials World pages 49-51, telling his life, contribution to the formation of the IOM3 and steel industry. See article here.

Celebrating a Mentor: Leslie M. Shore explores the legacy of William Menelaus, a renowned engineer-industrialist who played a role in the creation of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, 200 years since his birth

2015 was the Bicentenary of the Invention of the Miners' Safety Lamp

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Sir Henry Bessemer (1813-1898)


2013 Bessemer bicentenary exhibition and other items of interest

2013 centenary of stainless steel events