Governance change

Proposals for governance change and EGM 2018

The first phase of governance changes proposed by the Institute Council in 2012 (see below) were overwhelmingly accepted by the membership at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) in November 2012, prior to their submission to The Privy Council. There was then a long period over which comments from third parties and the Institute to both Privy Council and Engineering Council slowed progress for some time and during which the Governance Working Group commenced consideration of the second phase of their review.

The long pause in progress may have been beneficial in that in the meantime, some of the guidance from regulators has changed and this would have required further amendment to the Bye-Laws. Additionally, some of the changes to other elements of governance such as changes to the primary boards of the Institute along with their terms of reference have also required slight amendments to the draft of the Bye-Laws.

The draft of the amended Bye-Laws is now complete and is recommended for acceptance by the members at an EGM. Because of the period of time between the first EGM of this process in 2012 and the EGM in 2018, the Council wished to assure itself that the amendments agreed at the first EGM still have the support of the membership along with the additional revisions which have been added since and these have been identified within one document. The two sets of amendments create one coherent proposal and are to be considered at an EGM in July 2018 as a single resolution.

The proposal document is being sent to all corporate members (June 2018) and can be viewed on the links below.

The EGM will take place on Tuesday 10 July immediately following the Institute AGM.

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Proposals for governance change and EGM 2012

The Institute's Council voted unanimously at its meeting on 3 July 2012 to support a proposal to amend the governance of the Institute. The proposed changes are important to implement current best practice and to comply with guidance from external organisations such as the Charity Commission.

The proposals saw extensive debate by Council, with much thought going into the inter-relationship of Charter, Bye-Laws and Regulations. Safeguards are provided for the democratic operation of the Institute.

Full information about the proposed changes is contained in the document "Proposals for governance change for the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining" which was sent to all IOM3 members during September and October 2012. A copy of this document is available below: 

Proposals for Governance Change for the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining - full document 2012 (PDF 467kb)

The content of this document can also be downloaded as separate documents at the bottom of the page. The current version of the IOM3 Royal Charter and Bye-Laws are also included.

The Institute's then President, Jan Lewis, strongly encouraged all members to participate in the acceptance of the proposals

Letter from the President 2012 (PDF 156kb)

This letter was also mailed to all members and appeared in the November 2012 issue of Materials World.

Extraordinary General Meeting - Tuesday 20 November 2012

The proposals for governance change were recommended by Council for adoption by the membership at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). IOM3 members voted to accept the proposals at the EGM held on Tuesday 20 November 2012.

Documents relating to the EGM are available for download below.