• woman using electronic device of which tungsten is a component

    Tungsten mining in Devon

    Exciting developments are afoot in tungsten mining just a few miles from one of Britain’s most popular tourist towns.
  • Critical materials and technologies

    Ensuring we have a steady, secure supply of essential materials isn’t as easy as it might sound, as Dr Steven Savage from the Swedish Defence Research Agency reports.
  • Tin at the crossroads

    Michael Forrest talks to Peter Kettle of the International Tin Research Institute about the global future of the tin industry.
  • hard disk drive

    Rare earth recovery

    Dr Allan Walton, Senior Science Research Fellow and Dr Andy Williams, Head of the Magnetic Materials Group, both at the University of Birmingham, UK, outline methods to retrieve crucial elements that are in short supply.
  • A conceptual approach to bottom up energy harvesting with individual chips harvesting energy from a variety of sources, sharing this energy across single and multiple circuit boards

    Bottoms up - personal energy solutions

    Professor Robert Dorey, Head of the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Centre at Cranfield University, UK, considers the future of personal energy solutions and the role that materials science will play.