• Making progress in polymers

    Polymers are changing, with developments focused on meeting our high demands while also addressing major global challenges in waste and recycling. IOM3 Polymer Society Divisional Board Chair, Stuart Patrick, discusses some ongoing projects.
  • The value of ceramics

    The Ceramic Society talks about the importance of ceramic materials, their numerous beneficial properties and the prospects for future applications.
  • Member's Benevolent Trust

    IOM3 Trustee Gavin Bowyer recounts the founding of the Member's Benevolent Trust, which supports members and their families in times of need.
  • Women in Materials, Minerals and Mining

    Women who worked in the materials and mining professions during the last century were pioneers in their time, entering what was very much a man’s world, and many of them made significant contributions and became prominent in their field
  • Obituary - Dr Mark Caul CEng CEnv FIMMM APkgPrf

    Dr Caul was an outstanding professional in the packaging sector, an inspiration and a mentor to many other packaging technologists in the industry
  • Obituary - Dr John Kenneth Almond MIMMM

    Jake Almond was known for his huge breadth of interests and he became a hub for information exchange on matters of industrial archaeology, not only relating to mining and metallurgy but to the industrial history of the nation
  • Obituary - Professor Paul O'Brien FRS FREng CEng FIMMM

    Paul O’Brien was a well-loved academic whose work to generate new soft processing pathways to semiconductor materials led to successful spin outs capacity-building in Africa
  • Mark Miodownik on the future of materials science

    Mark Miodownik, Professor of Materials and Society at University College London, and Director of the Institute of Making, talks to Ellis Davies about his career and the future of materials science.
  • Obituary - Dr Eric Hassall CBE CEng FIMMM FFRICS FGS

    Eric Hassall had a long career in the mining industry, being the youngest ever Area Chief Surveyor and eventually becoming a senior partner of Wardell Amstrong. He was also active in promoting greater understanding of science and engineering in society
  • Obituary – Thomas Smith CEng FIMMM

    Tom Smith was an active member and supporter of the mining communities and the last President of the National Association of Colliery Managers