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  • Q&A with Natalie Desty from STEM Returners

    STEM Returners Founder and CEO, Natalie Desty, talks to Idha Valeur about setting up an organisation that helps candidates re-enter the workforce and reinvigorate their careers.
  • Returning to work after a career-break, where to go for help?

    Re-entering the workforce after a career break, no matter the reason, can be intimidating and challenging. How do you explain a CV-gap? How do you stay up-to-scratch on skills? How do you retain the same seniority as when you left? All are valid concerns and, luckily, ones you can get help with. Several trusts, firms and companies offer advice, programmes and returnships to help people back into work no matter the reason for the pause. Here, Idha Valeur talks to returnees about where to go for support and what to expect when reaching out for help.
  • Obituary - Iain Williamson CEng MIMMM

    The author of Coal Mining Geology , Ian always had a passion for field geology.
  • Staying united for collaboration and innovation’s sake

    Idha Valeur talks to the industry about collaboration, access to funding and expectations for the future in the context of Brexit preparations.
  • Q&A with Dr Rachael Ambury from Element Six

    Senior Scientist and Project Lead at Element Six, Dr Rachael Ambury CEng CSci FIMMM, winner of the IOM3 Robert Perrin Award for commitment to outreach activities, talks to Idha Valeur about the importance of outreach work.
  • Obituary - Ralph Sanderson CEng FIMMM FNEIMME

    Ralph was an active and highly respected member of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers and later became President of the North of England Branch of IMinE
  • Member's Benevolent Trust

    IOM3 Trustee Gavin Bowyer recounts the founding of the Member's Benevolent Trust, which supports members and their families in times of need.
  • Women in Materials, Minerals and Mining

    Women who worked in the materials and mining professions during the last century were pioneers in their time, entering what was very much a man’s world, and many of them made significant contributions and became prominent in their field
  • The Surface Engineering Leadership Forum

    The newly established Surface Engineering Leadership Forum is working to promote the sector. Monitor Coatings Managing Director, Dr Bryan Allcock, and former IOM3 Materials Advisor, Dr Geoff Hale, discuss its role.
  • Making progress in polymers

    Polymers are changing, with developments focused on meeting our high demands while also addressing major global challenges in waste and recycling. IOM3 Polymer Society Divisional Board Chair, Stuart Patrick, discusses some ongoing projects.