Sue Panteny CSci FIMMM (Obit)

Fellows' Lounge
21 Feb 2011

The death of Sue Panteny CSci FIMMM at an unfairly early age leaves a considerable gap in the materials community, as is evidenced by the messages of condolence from professional colleagues literally all over the world. Sue was born and brought up, one of six children, in Colchester. After becoming Head Girl at both of her secondary schools she took an Applied Chemistry degree at Bath.


Professional career 

Sue’s professional career began at Lucas Aerospace in Solihull. After taking time off to raise her three children and incidentally sell double glazing, she moved to T & N Research. When that operation closed she started her own consultancy MINT (Materials IN Transport), working for companies and governments worldwide and still working on, and talking about, her projects during the last few days of her illness.

Her support for the Institute, as Chairman and Secretary of the Midlands Plastics and Rubber Group was recognised by a recent Outstanding Service Award. Sue was always supportive of young people, visiting schools and events such as Greenpower. She was an inspiration to other female engineers and scientists.


Private life

Her private life was no less busy. She was devoted to her family. She sewed, painted, embroidered and played the piano. Until recently, she played badminton regularly. Her garden, especially the vegetable plot which supported her wine and jam making, was her passion. Leftovers from committee meeting sandwiches went to feed the hens and geese which lived in the house that Sue built, and 'pond' is an inadequate description of the water feature that she made.

In hospital she was cheerful and positive, happy to discuss the interesting aspects of her illness and treatment, and looking forward to going home to spend the few weeks she was told were left to her. 'Come and visit me. Bring a carload of people, I like somebody to talk to,' she said. Sadly she didn’t make it. Sue is survived by her husband, daughter and two sons.