Saqib Sadiq FIMMM (Profile)

Fellows' Lounge
26 Oct 2010

Saqib Sadiq, having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering from a Pakistani university in 1981, undertook his PhD in the Department of Materials at Imperial College London, with a Government scholarship. The award from the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan, was for distinction in his bachelor’s course. His PhD on Growth and Kinetics of Strengthening Phase in Model Nickel-Based Superalloys was completed in three and half years, which included transferring from a Masters to PhD programme. Sadiq received a diploma for successfully defending his PhD thesis.

He returned to Pakistan in 1987 and his first job after graduating was as an Application Welding Engineer. In a specific area in the industrial one, he was responsible for maintenance issues regarding repair welding on gears, shafts and other moving parts in a machine or assembly in industrial sites. He covered large-scale industrial applications, such as pharmaceutical, food processing, steel mill or heavy duty plants, and gained experience in promoting and marketing welding consumables. In Pakistan, he also worked for an aerospace organisation and a vendor-related company for the oil and gas industry at large.


Careers moves to the USA and Canada

After moving to Canada in 2002, he worked in a number of industries, from aerospace and automotive to heat treating, before entering the energy sector. In 2008, he moved to Texas, USA, where he now works as Technical Advisor (Mechanical) and Work Group Lead on an overseas project in the Energy and Chemicals Division at KBR Inc, Houston. His responsibilities include specification, reviewing design, and selection and services relating to mechanical equipment, such as pressure vessels, including drums, columns, towers, reactors, heat exchangers and storage tanks for the petrochemical industries.

Sadiq is an authorative technical specialist whose recommendations have a far reaching impact on engineering and related activities of the company. As a consultant, he negotiates critical and controversial issues with top-level engineers and technical staff of other companies. He performs advisory work for both specialised and broad programme areas. His role contributes directly to value creation.


Professional membership

He is a professional engineer of Ontario, Canada, and has sat on the Texas Board of Professional Engineers since 2010. Sadiq became a Fellow of IOM3 in 2009. Other memberships include the Pakistan Engineering Council and Institute of Engineers, Pakistan. He has 46 research publications to his credit at national and international level, ranging from high strength steels and high temperature alloys to composites.