Professor Aldo Boccaccini FIMMM (Profile)

Fellows' Lounge
12 Aug 2010

After almost 10 years at Imperial College London, UK,
Professor Aldo Boccaccini FIMMM has recently moved to Germany to become Professor of Materials Science (Biomaterials) and Head of the
newly established Institute of Biomaterials, in the Department of
Materials Science and Engineering, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. He remains
a Visiting Professor of Materials Science at Imperial.


Support of IOM3

Although he has
been a member of IOM3 for a long time, Aldo's strong association with IOM3
soon after joining the Department of Materials of Imperial in
2000. He was elected to the Executive Committee of the London Materials
(LMS) and then chair of LMS in 2005-06. He still attends meetings when
they coincide with trips to London. Aldo belives that LMS is an effective local society 
and it
has an important role to play bringing materials science and
technology to
the heart of London, considering the strong materials undergraduate
of some London universities. He realized recently at a
dinners, that some  famous names in the field of materials science
in the
UK have been previous chairs of LMS.

Also was elected a Fellow of IOM3 in 2004. As a new academic
in the UK (in 2000), membership provided an
effective means to improve  professional knowledge and experience, but
was also key to making new contacts and increasing the exposure of the
outputs of his group. He met his first research collaborators in
the UK
at IOM3 meetings, and is still friends with many of them.
Perhaps this
is a small piece of advice to IOM3 members in their early careers,
young academics – it is not only important what you know but also who you
and IOM3 enables you to increase both.

One important recognition which marked Aldo's career was co-chairing the EUROMAT 2009 conference, which was
held in
the UK last September, organized by IOM3. As part of the organizing committee and
contributing to its success, Aldo gave back
a bit
of what he had received from the Institute, its staff and members.


Career history 

The Institute of Biomaterials has been
established to develop a vibrant internationally recognised research and
teaching programme in the interdisciplinary field of biomaterials and tissue
engineering, building on the existing expertise and knowledge in the Materials
Science and Engineering Department and fostering collaborations between
the Schools of Engineering, Medicine and Natural Sciences, as well as with

Aldo has more 20 years'
experience in materials science and engineering, he holds
a Nuclear Engineering degree, a PhD from
Aachen University of Technology (Germany, 1994) and Habilitation from Ilmenau
University of Technology (Germany, 2000). He has held also
post-doctoral appointments at the Universities of Birmingham and California at San Diego. Aldo’s research activities cover glasses, ceramics and composites for biomedical, functional
and/or structural applications.

has worked in the UK, Germany, the USA and
his native Argentina. Aldo has been a visiting academic in several institutions
worldwide including Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, Aachen University of
Technology, Germany, National Institute of Materials Science, Japan,
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina, Nanyang University of Technology,
Singapore, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, and the Institute of Ceramic
Technology, Spain.

His achievements in
materials science have been recognized by several awards, including
the Materials Science and
Technology Prize 2003 by the Federation of European Materials Society (FEMS),
and the Verulam and Ivor Jenkins Medals of IOM3. Aldo is the
Editor-in-Chief of the journal Materials Letters (Elsevier)
and serves in the editorial board of several international journals including International
Materials Reviews
(as a member of the IOM3 committee) and the Journal of Materials

He is the founder of the International
Conferences Series on Electrophoretic Deposition and he chaired the
three conferences of the series held in Canada (2002), Italy (2005) and Japan
(2008). He will serve as chairman of the 2011 conference.He is an international advisor to the Division of
International Affairs of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of
Argentina, his home country. 

Also says, 'Certainly having
moved to Germany will not stop me being an active member of IOM3, I am proud of
being a fellow of this prestigious institution.'