Balancing Resources Conference review

Organised by the Resource Strategy Group (RSG) in conjunction with the Sustainable Development Group, IOM3 held the Balancing Resources Efficiency conference on 26 November 2019 in London. The conference highlighted four areas that require urgent attention to meet the UK Government’s two ambitious and long-term strategic objectives; namely the 25-year environmental action plan and a commitment for the UK to be zero net carbon by 2050.

Oak - England's Tree of the Year

The Woodland Trust recently announced that England’s Tree of the Year, 2019, is an oak. We have gathered together a few interesting, and random facts about oak.

Spotlight: How to… simulate and optimise debinding processes

NETZSCH Product Manager, Elena Moukhina, explains how the Kinetics Neo software helps perform polymer debinding processes more quickly and efficiently.

Material Marvels – The lifecycle of the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree has become a symbol of holiday festivities, but concerns over the impact they have on the environment are growing. Shardell Joseph looks into the history of the tree, and compares the lifecycles of modern materials.

Spotlight: How to… do mechanical testing on very small components

Nordson Dage Micro Materials Applications Engineer, David Routledge, discuses how very small structures can be tested directly, instead of relying on mechanical values from much larger test coupons.