Solid-state batteries

Ilika Product Commercialisation Manager, Denis Pasero, discusses the prospects of solid-state batteries in electric vehicles with Anthony Caggiano.

High-temperature composites for aerospace

University of Birmingham Professor of Ceramic Science and Engineering, Jon Binner FIMMM, discusses ceramics being tested to withstand 3,000 degrees C for potential aerospace use.

Material Marvels: The Vespa

Piaggio’s most iconic product was revealed in the Rome Golf Club in 1946 – a scooter named Vespa. Idha Valeur looks at the history behind the creation, its evolution and the materials used.
Credit: Porterbrook and BCRRE.

A hydrogen-powered train

The UK’s first mainline hydrogen fuel cell powered rail vehicle is being developed by a collaboration between Porterbrook and the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education. Stuart Hillmansen and Helen Simpson introduce HydroFLEX.

Making self-driving industrial machines

A project to help autonomous vehicles navigate better in adverse weather conditions is introduced by GIM Ltd Robotics Engineer and Team Leader, Tommi Tikkanen.