Scots Pine - European Tree of the Year

Pictured above (Courtesy of Marek Olbrzymek) is the European Tree of the Year 2020. It is claimed to be 350 years old and is found in a reservoir in the...
The five VinylPlus sustainability challenges as presented by https://vinylplus.eu/

A lead on recycling PVC

Dr Mark Everard, Associate Professor of Ecosystem Services at the University of the West of England, UK, discusses the need for rational, science-based and profitable steps towards a sustainable future and resolve the circular economy and clean chemistry conflict.

Spotlight: When detail matters

Materials World spoke to a number of testing and inspection companies to create a picture of the landscape for the next decade.

Augmenting healthcare

Kristian Debus heads Thornton Tomasetti’s team making advanced design-engineering capabilities accessible. Katherine Williams learns about his career spanning motorcycles to mitral valves.

Assessment of permeability and behaviour of chalk in deep boreholes

The UK’s fast rail-link, HS2 proposes to boring a deep tunnel 60m+ through the Chilterns, chalk hills located in the South of England.