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Meet the WTS Board - Gervais Sawyer, and wood boring weevils

"Learn something of interest about your WTS Board Members, plus a favourite snippet of wood science."

Increasing Demand for Wood Science

Wood Technology Society chair, Graham Ormondroyd argues that the rising demand for UK timber is driving the demand for wood science.

Enhancing your career prospects: Getting Chartered without headaches

For early career materials, minerals and mining scientists and engineers, the process towards Chartership may seem daunting and its benefits may not be initially obvious. To support the journey towards Chartership, the IOM3 Younger Members’ Committee (YMC) hosted a Chartership event with two key speakers.

Women in Engineering: A Level Playing Field?

According to the Women’s Engineering Society, women only make up 12.37% of all engineers in the UK. What is stopping more women pursuing a career in engineering? Is this trend changing? And, importantly, are we doing enough to encourage women down this crucial and rewarding career path?
WITec GmbH

Spotlight: How to… find, classify and identify microparticles

Explore the process of automated microparticle analysis using Raman microscopy.