How to… use digital microscopy for material inspections

An Olympus Europa Product Marketing Manager for Industrial Microscopes talks about the merits of digital microscopes in industry.

Q&A with Dr Rachael Ambury from Element Six

Senior Scientist and Project Lead at Element Six, Dr Rachael Ambury CEng CSci FIMMM, winner of the IOM3 Robert Perrin Award for commitment to outreach activities, talks to Idha Valeur about the importance of outreach work.

Mining report: Guatemala

Côte d’Ivoire has emerged as a crucial player in the international gold supply chain.

SINTEC building embraces circularity

A Swansea University associate professor discusses the modern challenges in researching materials while adhering to strict operational guidelines.

Hydrothermal flow for 2D materials

Hydrothermal flow synthesis has been used to make new 2D materials at London South Bank University.