Material Marvels – The lifecycle of the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree has become a symbol of holiday festivities, but concerns over the impact they have on the environment are growing. Shardell Joseph looks into the history of the tree, and compares the lifecycles of modern materials.

Fred Starr recollects...

Fred discusses the pros and cons of modern cataract surgery and replacement eye lenses.

Composite arrows of Kalahari Desert

Learn about the artistry of composite arrows made by the Ju|’hoansi San people of the Kalahari Desert, Southern Africa.

Materials for plasma facing components in fusion technology

Nuclear fusion reactors require specific materials and manufacturing methods to balance effectiveness and efficiency. Wood Nuclear Senior Project Manager, Dr Garreth Aspinall, talks about material choices when designing and developing plasma facing components for fusion applications.

Maximising success in UK composites

The UK composites market is estimated to reach a value of £12.5bln by 2030, but this would require several fundamental changes. NPL Principal Research Scientist in the Advanced Materials Characterisation Group, Dr Stefanos Giannis FIMMM, talks to Ceri Jones about how to capitalise on this potential.