Spotlight: How to… do mechanical testing on very small components

Nordson Dage Micro Materials Applications Engineer, David Routledge, discuses how very small structures can be tested directly, instead of relying on mechanical values from much larger test coupons.

Fred Starr recollects...

Fred discusses the pros and cons of modern cataract surgery and replacement eye lenses.

Maximising success in UK composites

The UK composites market is estimated to reach a value of £12.5bln by 2030, but this would require several fundamental changes. NPL Principal Research Scientist in the Advanced Materials Characterisation Group, Dr Stefanos Giannis FIMMM, talks to Ceri Jones about how to capitalise on this potential.

Is a sustainable UK lithium supply chain viable?

Lithium is considered essential for a low carbon economy. How can the UK ensure a sustainable supply?

Window sensors, digital twin, improve energy systems

Measuring shade could help reduce the energy consumption of buildings.